During Q3 2022 earning call, Marry Barry made the following statement:

“All of our 2023 launches are progressing well. However, due to a slightly slower launch of cell and pack production than we expected, our plan is now to produce 400,000 EVs in North America over the course of 2022, ’23 and the first half of 2024.”

The main reason is hiring and training for its EV battery plant in Ohio. It’s taking a little longer than expected.

Battery need to be at the center of every OEM’s strategy. Making is own batteries is not easy. Hiring experts is key and mandatory to build safe and high quality battery at large scale.

Finding battery expert in manufacturing is very hard. So, the wages are sky-rocking. CEO of SES once said ““A senior battery engineer in the U.S. sometimes can cost as much as a CFO.”

Recruitment companies can probably confirmed it, in the comments. European and American companies will struggle to find battery experts for their future plants.

Couple months ago, Mary Barra stated that General Motors will sell more electric vehicles in the U.S. than Tesla, by the middle of this decade.

Producing EVs and Battery is not easy and need expertise. 

General Motors can’t compete against Tesla. They are not the same level. Tesla is so ahead in the EV industry.

Once again, talking and practice is different in the battery industry.